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WordPress Link Building Plugin: Blog This Post

This is a basic wordpress plugin that makes it easier for visitors to link to your posts. It adds a small button that when clicked. Grabs a small snipped of your post, including the title, and a bit of the first paragraph. Download it here To install, just: 1) unzip 2) upload the whole blogit… Read more »

Duplicate Content Cure Plugin for WordPress

Surprise. Your WordPress Site Isn’t Search Engine Friendly We have all seen the standard “WordPress SEO” articles that discuss the obvious things that you can do to optimize your WordPress blog. Most focus on optimizing titles, permalinks, meta keyword and description tags, and possibly adding a Google sitemap. All of these are important for SEO,… Read more »

WordPress SEO – Optimize Your Titles

This is a quick and easy SEO tutorial on how to improve the titles of your WordPress blog posts using the Optimal Title plugin.