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BOLD vs STRONG, EM vs ITALICS Which is Better

The question of whether we should use <STRONG> tags vs <B> tags in one of our larger sites came up recently while we were implementing some changes, based on the recommendations of one of the SEO companies who are consulting with us (at my job). One company recommended that we use <STRONG>, and not <B>,… Read more »

What Donna Said

I was wondering why my pagerank dropped again, even after I removed all text link ads, and nowfollowed all links I could find that may have been paid. SEOlogs.com went from a Pagerank 5, down to 3 after the initial round of paid links paid links penalties were dished out. I went to great lengths… Read more »

Understanding Goals and Conversion Optimization

If you use Google Analytics, you’re probably familiar with the terms Goals, and Conversions. Those two items are in just about every report that is available, and they aren’t there just for decoration, or extras. These features are pretty much the only reason to use Google Analytics as opposed to some other simple stat counter…. Read more »

Getting Over the $100 AdSense Hurdle

A few years a go, back when I was just getting started with online marketing, someone (I can’t remember who it was) made a comment in a forum (Can’t remember where either, but please, bear with me … :)) that at the time I thought was probably just a bunch of hot air, but looking… Read more »

Dive into Google Analytics: Bounce Rates and Exit Rates

For those of you using Google Analytics, you’ve probably aware that there are a lot of reports that contain the metric for Bounce Rate, but you may have never really paid attention to it, or had any need for it. For those of you who have used it, or plan to use it, you should… Read more »

What Personalized Search Really Means

If you ask someone at Google why they implemented personalized search, I’m sure they would explain how it helps to improve the quality of search for the users. Well, that might be true for some, but my reaction so far to personalized search has been somewhere between skeptical, and slightly annoyed. Well, today I added… Read more »

.EDU: We Trust You!

Last week, while attending my favorite developer group, the Western MA Developer’s Group, I met someone who works for Smith College. He developed, and manages an application for tracking classroom equipment they use at the school. Just out of curiosity, I asked him if he had ever found any students using pages from the college… Read more »

Search Operator Guide for Google, MSN, and Yahoo

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in a search engine. Google, Yahoo, and MSN all offer Advanced search operators, and the following list attempts to describe what they do and give examples for each search engine.

Google Burps a Very Interesting Error Message

One sure way to get information about a server is to wait for it to spit up an unexpected error. It seems that someone over at DigitalPoint forums was searching Google cache when the data below was returned in an error. Something like this was surely never meant to be seen by user eyes, but… Read more »

Google Sitemaps for Blogger Blogs

As of recently, there really is no excuse for not adding an XML sitemap to your website. It may have been a bit complex at first, but programs like SiteMap Builder make it really easy to do. Submitting a sitemap for a Blogger blog ( ie. yourblog.blogger.com), or other blogs not hosted by you (where… Read more »