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dnScoop Gets Some Major Press

Ok, maybe not major, but it’s still a pretty big deal to me. Yesterday I got some nice news that dnScoop.com was featured (briefly) on The Guardian. The article is about buying and selling websites for profit. It’s funny, I built dnScoop.com, have a domain and website marketplace there, but I’ve never actually sold a… Read more »

dnScoop Accuracy Check

Moniker.com announced yesterday (May 15) that it has brokered the sale of Porn.com for more than $9.5 million. I thought this might be a good opportunity try to improve on the accuracy of my dnScoop.com domain value estimate tool. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this: After putting so much time into developing dnScoop,… Read more »

dnScoop.com: A Cool New Domain Tool

dnScoop.com (short for Domain Name Scoop) is a new domain tool that is sort of an all in one tool to find out how popular a website is. dnScoop.com shows: Age of the Domain Pagerank Validation (fake pagerank check – hmmm -I wonder how they got that :)) Shows number of links in Yahoo Current… Read more »