Useful SEO Bookmarklets

This is a quick tutorial on how to install a core set of very useful SEO tools right in your browser using bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are really small bits of JavaScript that you can add to your browser “favorites” or “bookmarks”. They can be used to check a wide variety of useful SEO stats right from your browser. I’m sharing this because I have been using SEO bookmarklets a lot lately in assessing sites that I work on.
SEO Bookmarklets
Installing SEO Bookmarklets: To install these SEO bookmarklets, you can either drag the links right to your bookmarks toolbar, or right-click the links, and add to bookmarks/ favorites.

Using SEO Bookmarklets: To use these bookmarklets, simply click the bookmarklet while on the page or site that you would like to check stats for.

Checking Backlinks
Checking backlinks is probably one of the most common SEO tasks.

BackLinks: Find all backlinks to an entire site.

BackLinks (this url): Find all Links to a specific URL.

Checking Indexed Pages
When checking for ranking problems, indexed pages us usually the first thing to check.

Indexed Pages: Find the number of pages indexed in Google

Checking Site Popularity
Here are a few ways to check how popular a site is.

Domain Popularity: Domain name/ Brand Popularity. Find the number of pages where the domain/ site name ( is found/ mentioned.

Compete Traffic Details: Get traffic statistics from

Alexa Traffic Details: Get traffic statistics from