What Donna Said

I was wondering why my pagerank dropped again, even after I removed all text link ads, and nowfollowed all links I could find that may have been paid.

SEOlogs.com went from a Pagerank 5, down to 3 after the initial round of paid links paid links penalties were dished out. I went to great lengths to remedy the situation, sacrificing a nice chunk of my monthly income in the process.

That seemed to do the trick though, because after the next Pagersnk update, SEOlogs was back up to a PR 5, and even better, a lot of the internal pages were also showing some nice increases in toolbar Pagerank.

It didn’t last long at all though. Seems like about a week later, I got a message from a reader, telling me how sorry he felt for me b/c SEOlogs had lost its Pagerank again.

Luckily, I don’t have to wonder what is going on anymore, b/c Donna has built enough of a reputation in the community that when she speaks, the right people listen (Matt Cutts)

So thanks for that Donna, and Matt Cutts… Some personalized SEO consulting would be great. An email would be just fine. 🙂