I Can Haz Pagerank? Plz?

Ok, I’ll admit, I was selling links via pay per post, and other similar services, but I have long since removed all of that.

It has been well over 10 months since I removed all such links. I even wrote a post about my attempt to clean up the site of all paid links. I took a cut of at least $400/ month (probably more) because of it, but still, the pagerank continues to drop.

Below is a historical view of the PageRank for SEOlogs.com (courtesy of SEOmoz Pagerank Tool)

* PageRank 2 reported 3 days, 2 hours ago

* PageRank 2 reported on 10/05/2008

* PageRank 3 reported on 07/12/2008

* PageRank 3 reported on 01/22/2008

* PageRank 5 reported on 01/15/2008

* PageRank 4 reported on 11/22/2007

* PageRank 4 reported on 11/09/2007

* PageRank 4 reported on 11/02/2007

* PageRank 5 reported on 08/27/2007

* PageRank 5 reported on 08/27/2007

* PageRank 5 reported on 08/08/2007

So what do I need to do to get my pagerank back? I know a lot of people could care less, and that’s fine with me, but I want my pagerank back.