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Hits, Page Views, and Visits: Get Them Straight

Hits: The term hit is probably one of the most misused terms when it comes to describing website traffic. I’ve heard many times, something like, “My site got over 1000 hits today!”. Well, if that person knew what a hit was, he would know that 1000 hits really isn’t impressive at all. Simply put, a… Read more »

Processing Large Log Files

In my job, there are a few really strange circumstances I have to deal with on a daily basis. Well, today I thought I’d share just one of my challenges… Huge Log Files! For some reason (please don’t ask me why), our hosting company “can’t” (or doesn’t know how to) export daily log files for… Read more »

View Public Stats for Thousands of Web Sites

The other day, while Viewing my stats, my finger slipped, and I clicked my Yahoo Backlinks bookmarklet, and here’s the gem I accidentally stumbled upon. Statcounter gives you the option to have your stats public or private, and there are tons of people who chose to leave them public. This info is useful… Read more »

How Popular is Your Blog?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like pubsub is gone. While doing a search for [blog popularity] in Google the other day, I stumbled across a great site called PubSub. I’m not even going to pretend that I have a full understanding of everything that the site offers, but I will talk a bit about one specific… Read more »