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Are 404s Hurting Your Rankings?

When was the last time you checked your site for 404s? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while. They are not the most important SEO ranking factor, but according to the latest SEO ranking factors from (see here), linking to 404s on your site is a pretty bad idea. Luckily, there… Read more »

SEOlogs Website Score Tool

We have a new tool for the readers of the blog to try out. It’s called the SEOlogs Website Score Tool. I suppose the tool is still sort of in the beta stage, so I’m not actually adding it to the SEO tools page quite yet. Check it out, and please leave comments if you… Read more »

New Keyword Optimization Tool

Keyword optimization is probably the most important aspect of search engine optimization. If you want good rankings for a specific keyword or keyword phrase, you need to include that word/ words in your web page. It is not only important to include those words, but you should also make sure that the ratio of occurrences… Read more »

SEOlogs Rank Trend Tool Sneak Preview

The lack of blog posts as of late is due to some serious work happening on the SEO tools end of But don’t worry, it should be well worth it. The name of the new tool is Rank Trends. It is a modified version of the Rank Check tool that saves a history for… Read more »

New Tool – Find Domains That Share IP

I’ve been pretty busy for the last week, but I did make a new tool. This tool takes a domain name, ( and gives you back a list of other web sites that are hosted on the same IP address. It doesn’t give all of them, but it is fun to play with anyway. Here… Read more »

Keyword Difficulty Tool Upgrade

I have tweaked (well, more than tweaked) the Keyword Difficulty Tool so it now shows the top ten sites from google with each keyword check. I really wanted to add MSN and Yahoo too, but I ran into some snags and got tired of trying. So maybe I’ll add MSN and Y! another time when… Read more »

New Keyword Difficulty Check Tool

I have just finished working on a new Keyword tool (Keyword Difficulty Check Tool) that will check the difficulty of a particular keyword, and give the difficulty level on a scale of 0 to 32. 0 meaning just mentioning a 0 level keyword on a page would rank in the top 10, and a level… Read more »

Free Rank Check Tool

I decided to try somthing new today. I am allowing other webmasters to use my tools on their own sites. I started with one of the more popular tools (and one of the first on the site), the Search Engine Rank Check tool. I have created a code snippet that allows you to display the… Read more »

More Backlink Obsession

After writing the last little article about Backlinks, I decided to do a little comparison to see the difference between backlink searches in Google and Yahoo . (note: I decided not to compare MSN; they say that this site has 745 BLs, but only ends up being 35…Maybe when their API comes out, it will… Read more »

Google Tool

The following is an excellent example of what the new Google Tool shows. Very nice site (mmmm … popcorn) A search for backlinks in google ( yields a whopping 5 results: 1 – 5 of 5 linking to (0.12 seconds) Comes up # 1 in Google for a phrase from the title of… Read more »