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My Essential Notes from PubCon Vegas 2007

I’ve had several requests over the past week to give up some of the info that I learned at last week’s WebmasterWorld Pubcon Vegas conference. Well, I’m definitely not going to go over every single session, because: A) I didn’t attend every session. I only attended about 1/5 of the sessions. B) It’s already been… Read more »

Thoughts on PubCon So Far

Well, PubCon is just about over. Tomorrow is going to be the last day, and it’s going to basically be a networking event (the original pubcon) I must say that I was a little worried about having to go to this conference alone, but it turned out to not be an issue at all. I… Read more »

My PubCon Photos on Flickr

Just a link to some photos I have been taking during pubcon 2007 in Las Vegas.

Headed to PubCon

I’m heading out this morning for Pubcon Vegas. I should be arriving around 4 PM or so. I’m hoping to get together with a few folks from SEOrefugee forums at some point. I’ll be posting daily updates from my hotel room each night, and whenever else I get a chance to. Definitely come up and… Read more »

I’m Going to Pubcon – Las Vegas

I registered for Pubcon Vegas and got my flight booked last week. This will be my first Pubcon, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’ve heard good things about Pubcon, so hopefully it will be fun. This will also be my first trip to Las Vegas. I’m sure it’s going to look totally different… Read more »

Search Engine Strategies is Over

SES NYC has finally come to an end. It was a great experience, and I highly recommend it. I think the best part about it was that I am coming away from the conference looking at things from a totally different perspective. I went in focusing on SEO, and have come away focusing on SEM…. Read more »


Just thought I’d share a few notes from Search Engine Strategies. Session 1: Intro to Search Marketing (4 stars – for beginners) Speakers: Danny Sullivan This session was extremely basic, but Danny Sullivan is a pretty entertaining speaker, so it was pretty fun. I would highly recommend it for beginners. Session 2: Podcast and Audio… Read more »

SES NYC 2006 Coverage

I really wanted to go to the Search Engine Strategies (SES) NYC 2006 conference this week, but like many others, I don’t quite have the time or resources available. Well, if couldn’t make it, here is the next best thing. Barry Schwartz (aka rustybrick) has put together 4 a man team (Barry himself, Ben Pfeiffer,… Read more »