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I Can Haz Pagerank? Plz?

Ok, I’ll admit, I was selling links via pay per post, and other similar services, but I have long since removed all of that. It has been well over 10 months since I removed all such links. I even wrote a post about my attempt to clean up the site of all paid links. I… Read more »

BOLD vs STRONG, EM vs ITALICS Which is Better

The question of whether we should use <STRONG> tags vs <B> tags in one of our larger sites came up recently while we were implementing some changes, based on the recommendations of one of the SEO companies who are consulting with us (at my job). One company recommended that we use <STRONG>, and not <B>,… Read more »

What Donna Said

I was wondering why my pagerank dropped again, even after I removed all text link ads, and nowfollowed all links I could find that may have been paid. went from a Pagerank 5, down to 3 after the initial round of paid links paid links penalties were dished out. I went to great lengths… Read more »

Google Crack Down on Non-Natural Links

A theread was just posted by brandall, one of the moderators over at SEOChat, discussing a Q&A session with Matt Cutts at the 2005 PubCon Search and Marketing Conference. Brandall gives a brief summary of what was said. Basically, what I took from the sessions is that Google is actively removing or significantly decreasing the… Read more »

B.O. (Backlink Obsession)

I just read the latest post from Matt Cutts Blog. In the post, he addresses the topic of Google Updates, and verifies what many already know: Google updates its index data, including backlinks and PageRank, continually and continuously. We only export new backlinks, PageRank, or directory data every three months or so It is funny… Read more »