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What Personalized Search Really Means

If you ask someone at Google why they implemented personalized search, I’m sure they would explain how it helps to improve the quality of search for the users. Well, that might be true for some, but my reaction so far to personalized search has been somewhere between skeptical, and slightly annoyed. Well, today I added… Read more »

Google Burps a Very Interesting Error Message

One sure way to get information about a server is to wait for it to spit up an unexpected error. It seems that someone over at DigitalPoint forums was searching Google cache when the data below was returned in an error. Something like this was surely never meant to be seen by user eyes, but… Read more »

New Google Wildcard Query

Google has added a new and powerful tool to their already dominating search engine. Searchers will now have the option to use the wildcard (*) within search queries. This will make it much easier to find the answers to questions. Here’s an example: [the capital of California is *] Here’s another example from Google’s Blog:… Read more »