Month: November 2007

2nd Place in MyBlogLog Contest and SEOlogs Winners

Congratulations to the final 3 winners of our Contest! allbusinessauctions – $150 Cash via PayPal + 2 Months 125×125 banner on ($450 value) muiomuio – $100 Cash via Paypal + 2 Month 125×125 banner on ($400 value) tonyfloyd – 3 Months 125×125 banner on ($450 value) This was really a fun experience,… Read more »

SEOlogs Holiday Gift Guide

Thanksgiving, “Black Friday”, and “Cyber Monday” have all come and gone, and you know what that means… The Holiday season is officially upon us. I felt inspired to make this SEO holiday wish list. It’s pretty much a hint for my wife, but you can feel free to pass it on to your significant other… Read more »

Road Trip Time

I just wanted to quickly let everyone who entered yesterday’s contest know that due to poor time management on my part, I am having to write this from my phone, on the way to Alabama (of all places) for thanksgiving. Don’t worry, I’m not driving. 🙂 It’s an 8 hour drive from Charleston. So I… Read more »

How to Build Traffic to Your Blog … and keep it

Badi asked me how I keep increasing traffic to my website, 14th Colony. So far, unique visits have increased 181%. Repeat visits have increased 143%. And page views are up 246% over last year. I’d like to say there’s a trick to building traffic for a website but I won’t insult you. Traffic takes work…. Read more »

My New Whip

That’s right. I got a 1991 Cutlass Supreme. Jealous!? My wife and I have been living back in Charleston for over 3 months now, and we finally got a second car. (Well, actually, I got a second car. I don’t think she would be caught dead driving this beauty) We’ve been sharing one car for… Read more »

SEOlogs Needs Your Help

I have entered SEOlogs into the ProBlogger Contest, and I’d really appreciate it if you would join the seologs community to help us win: The community that gains the most new users by November 30, 2007 wins. The winner will be announced live from the floor of PubCon in Las Vegas, which I’ll… Read more »

Hits, Page Views, and Visits: Get Them Straight

Hits: The term hit is probably one of the most misused terms when it comes to describing website traffic. I’ve heard many times, something like, “My site got over 1000 hits today!”. Well, if that person knew what a hit was, he would know that 1000 hits really isn’t impressive at all. Simply put, a… Read more »

I Guess Anyone Can Be an SEO Expert These Days

See if you notice anything odd or out of the ordinary about these SEO and SEM firms? “…visitors, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your site’s rankings in popular engines.” “We offer this Promotion Package specially priced @ only $75/year for unlimited submissions to 100 Internet search engines” “professional search engine… Read more »

SEOlogs Website Score Tool

We have a new tool for the readers of the blog to try out. It’s called the SEOlogs Website Score Tool. I suppose the tool is still sort of in the beta stage, so I’m not actually adding it to the SEO tools page quite yet. Check it out, and please leave comments if you… Read more »