Month: June 2007

What Personalized Search Really Means

If you ask someone at Google why they implemented personalized search, I’m sure they would explain how it helps to improve the quality of search for the users. Well, that might be true for some, but my reaction so far to personalized search has been somewhere between skeptical, and slightly annoyed. Well, today I added… Read more »

I’m a Mover and a Shaker!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of my sites, made it onto the Alexa Movers & Shakers list This was the result of the site being featured on last week. The site went from about 200 visits per day, to over 23,000 visits on the day it was featured on Digg…. Read more »

View Public Stats for Thousands of Web Sites

The other day, while Viewing my stats, my finger slipped, and I clicked my Yahoo Backlinks bookmarklet, and here’s the gem I accidentally stumbled upon. Statcounter gives you the option to have your stats public or private, and there are tons of people who chose to leave them public. This info is useful… Read more »