Month: May 2007

dnScoop Accuracy Check announced yesterday (May 15) that it has brokered the sale of for more than $9.5 million. I thought this might be a good opportunity try to improve on the accuracy of my domain value estimate tool. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this: After putting so much time into developing dnScoop,… Read more »

New Keyword Optimization Tool

Keyword optimization is probably the most important aspect of search engine optimization. If you want good rankings for a specific keyword or keyword phrase, you need to include that word/ words in your web page. It is not only important to include those words, but you should also make sure that the ratio of occurrences… Read more » Users Revolt: Total Chaos Ensues

Wow. The scene at is really insane right now. It’s pretty much chaos. I know it’s just a website, but if the users were all in one building right now, I would imagine the scene to be similar to that of a prison break. This all started because someone posted a key code that… Read more »