Month: April 2007

SEO Commandments

Want good rankings? No problem. Just follow the commandments. The 10 Commandments of Search that is. thou shalt not hide your content , nor serve different versions; for I the god of thy search am a jealous god, visiting the iniquity of the previous owners upon the domain to the 3rd and 4th generations and… Read more »

.EDU: We Trust You!

Last week, while attending my favorite developer group, the Western MA Developer’s Group, I met someone who works for Smith College. He developed, and manages an application for tracking classroom equipment they use at the school. Just out of curiosity, I asked him if he had ever found any students using pages from the college… Read more »

Search Engine Strategies is Over

SES NYC has finally come to an end. It was a great experience, and I highly recommend it. I think the best part about it was that I am coming away from the conference looking at things from a totally different perspective. I went in focusing on SEO, and have come away focusing on SEM…. Read more »


Just thought I’d share a few notes from Search Engine Strategies. Session 1: Intro to Search Marketing (4 stars – for beginners) Speakers: Danny Sullivan This session was extremely basic, but Danny Sullivan is a pretty entertaining speaker, so it was pretty fun. I would highly recommend it for beginners. Session 2: Podcast and Audio… Read more »

34 Industry Leaders Rate Search Ranking Factors

Rand Fishkin of has gathered an impressive all star group of search engine optimization industry experts to participate in his second version of “Search Engine Ranking Factors“. Right off the bat, one huge improvement over last year is the layout and design of the page. Though design isn’t a ranking factor, Design can be… Read more »

Fun at Blockbuster Video

So last week, my wife and I were in Blockbuster video, renting a dvd so I could give my brain a break for 2 hours. We were at the counter when the clerk asked the usual, “Do you want to sign up for the Total Access plan?”. Any other day, I would have just said… Read more »