Month: November 2006

The Essential Guide to Link Building

I just got off the phone with my father, who recently started a new blog (thanks to a birthday present from me). His blog has been online for over 5 months now with his own domain, and he wanted to know why things were so quiet. “5 months and no comments, or emails!?” He asked,… Read more »

Traffic Increase Calculator

I just came across a really interesting tool called the ‘Traffic Increase Calculator‘, that uses the AOL search data that was released a few months back to calculate the percentage increase or decrease in click-through rate that can be expected in moving from one position to another in the SERPs. Examples: 1. Your current position… Read more »

How Much is Your Domain Worth? has a pretty interesting tool that will give you an appraisal for your domain name. I stuck in and got a pretty unexpected number. Here’s another appraisal tool which says my domain is worth even more: Hmmm. I wonder if anyone would really pay me that much for this domain name? I’ll take… Read more »

Monetize Your Sites

I have to admit, when I signed up for the text-link-ads service several months back, I was highly skeptical about it. The whole thing just seemed pretty sketchy to me. I think I initially put the ad code on one of my pages for about 30 minutes and then removed it, but somewhere along the… Read more »