Month: December 2005

SEO Contest: Win My Laptop 2006 SEO Contest See the Official Contest Page Here I have decided that I am going to hold my own SEO contest. I don’t have any cash to give away, but I do have an iBook G3 700 MHz with 768 MB of memory, a 20 GB hard drive, combo (read/write) drive, and an… Read more »

SEO Education

Reading through the new posts in the news and posts of the day this morning, I came across a really interesting post at SEO Refugee forums entitled ‘anyone else want a BS in SEO?’. That thread is actually about a blog article at called ‘Need for SEO Education‘. Both of these posts are well… Read more »

Best Search Engine Community Blog

Search Engine Roundtable is the winner of the Best Search Engine Community Blog : 2005 Search Blogs Awards. It was a close call between Threadwatch, which was recently purchased by Aaron Wall (of SEO Book), and Search Engine Roundtable (56.2% vs 43.8%). At any rate, if these blogs aren’t on your reading list, they should… Read more »

Brett Tabke Has a Blog

Brett Tabke has a new blog, and all I can say is…How cutting edge. How mod. How 2006! For me, this brings to mind one of my favorite SNL skits featuring Will Ferrell and others about the ultra exclusive store, Jeffrey’s. Will Ferrell’s character is always on the cutting edge, riding a little scooter or… Read more »

Keyword Difficulty Tool Upgrade

I have tweaked (well, more than tweaked) the Keyword Difficulty Tool so it now shows the top ten sites from google with each keyword check. I really wanted to add MSN and Yahoo too, but I ran into some snags and got tired of trying. So maybe I’ll add MSN and Y! another time when… Read more »

SEO Goes Mainstream

SEO is going to get a lot more attention after today because of this Newsweek Article, which is mainly about Rand Fishkin (Randfish). Rand’s new ‘Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization’ is not mentioned in the article, but surely this major coverage is a direct result of that effort by Rand. It is interesting that… Read more »

New Keyword Difficulty Check Tool

I have just finished working on a new Keyword tool (Keyword Difficulty Check Tool) that will check the difficulty of a particular keyword, and give the difficulty level on a scale of 0 to 32. 0 meaning just mentioning a 0 level keyword on a page would rank in the top 10, and a level… Read more »

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Are you doing all you can when it comes to on-page search engine optimization? I recently found that the title attributes of my “Home” links contained the text “Home”. The Home link goes back to the main page of Is “Home” the best way to describe my site? I don’t think so. I changed… Read more »