Month: November 2005

Free Rank Check Tool

I decided to try somthing new today. I am allowing other webmasters to use my tools on their own sites. I started with one of the more popular tools (and one of the first on the site), the Search Engine Rank Check tool. I have created a code snippet that allows you to display the… Read more »

Trouble at SEOChat Forums

There has just been a masive upset over at forums. Many long time members and some moderators have either left, or threatened to leave the forums. It was all started by this: New changes including no follows to signatures We have recently made some very SEO significant changes to our forums including modified URLS,… Read more »

Understanding Mod_Rewrite

In order to really understand mod rewrite, you need to be comfortable using regular expressions. If you are completely in the dark about regular expressions, I suggest reading up on the subject before you attempt to learn how to use mod_rewrite, but I will give a short intro to Regular Expressions here. A Regular Expressions… Read more »

Google Crack Down on Non-Natural Links

A theread was just posted by brandall, one of the moderators over at SEOChat, discussing a Q&A session with Matt Cutts at the 2005 PubCon Search and Marketing Conference. Brandall gives a brief summary of what was said. Basically, what I took from the sessions is that Google is actively removing or significantly decreasing the… Read more »