Month: July 2005

GoogleGuy: The Heat is On

I’ve always had my doubts about “GoogleGuy”, the alleged Google Employee who goes galavanting from forum to forum putting in his 2 cents. Ive never actually read a post of his that wasn’t either super cryptic, or quoted from the google website. Whats to stop anyone from going to a forum and claiming to be… Read more »

RSS? Most People Have No Clue

I found this to be really interesting after all the time I spend adding rss links to this site. From The Pew Internet & American Life project found only 9% of about 2,000 Americans said they had a good idea of what RSS feeds are, while just 13% were familiar with podcasting. Almost 25%… Read more »

Google Sitemaps for Blogger Blogs

As of recently, there really is no excuse for not adding an XML sitemap to your website. It may have been a bit complex at first, but programs like SiteMap Builder make it really easy to do. Submitting a sitemap for a Blogger blog ( ie., or other blogs not hosted by you (where… Read more »

Good Content Writing Most Important for SEO? The web pages actually at the top of Google have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. Don’t let the usual SEO sacred cows and bugbears, such as PageRank, frames, and JavaScript, distract you from the importance of good content. I was recently struck by the fact that the top-ranking web pages on… Read more »

Take a Look Inside Google

I just finished working on a new Google Tool. Im too tired to come up with a name right now, so Ill just call it an “Interesting” Google Tool for now. Thats the only feedback Ive gotten so far. The tool displays: Backlinks PageRank of those backlinks Last cached date (if avaialable) DMOZ directory category… Read more »

Does Yahoo Penalize Affiliate Sites?

Lately I have seen more and more evidence that Yahoo does infact penalize affiliate sites. I won’t mention the name of this site, but it is a very useful travel site. It has lots of good information, along with lots of affiliate links on almost every page. This site has been around for several years…. Read more »