The Real GoogleGuy

I mentioned before that I was skeptical about the person they call “GoogleGuy” who goes around posting on, and other noteworthy forums. I always felt like he really didn’t ever give any solid information. Well I don’t know if we will ever really know his identity, or if he really did work at Google, but now I really dont care anymore. Ive found a Real Live Tangible GoogleGuy and his name is Matt Cutts. He is a senior software engineer at Google, and he is currently giving lots of great information at this years Search Engine Strategies conference.

He just started his own site / blog at It looks like we won’t have to spend time trying to figure out the cryptic messages from the “GoogleGuy” anymore. This is the real thing.

Matt Cutts isn’t beating around the bush on his site either. In his blog he writes “One of my goals in doing this site is to give my advice on solid, common-sense search engine optimization (SEO). ”

I predict that this site will be the PR 10 before you know it. Well, Im going to get back to reading his blog.