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How to Check Pagerank

And detect faked or false pagerank
(What is pagerank?)
Fastest way to check pagerank is to install the Google Toolbar ( It can be customized to take up minimal space, and fit nicely at the top of your browser.

Checking faked or false Pagerank
There are several methods of spotting faked pagerank.
- One simple way is to check to see how many backlinks the site has. If a site has no (or very few) backlinks, then it should not have a high pagerank.

- Another way to check is to use Google's info: operator.

In Google type:
google info search
If the site info that is returned doesn't match the site that you searched for, then it's probably faked. Otherwise, it's most likely fine.

Note: This tactic was pretty popular last year (2007), but I haven't really seen it much lately.