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BackLinks Analyzer tool

Using a regular backlink check ( is a useful
tool to find what sites are linking to you, but there are many other
Important factors that go into the pagerank formula.

1. Simply enter a url (without http://), and press the "Query" button.

2. Checkboxes - To filter out 1 or more sites, check the coresponding checkbox and press the "Query" button again.

3. [W] [A] [G] [T] Links - The Backlinks Analyzer tool also links to the Internet Archives [A], WhoIs Source [W], and Google cache ([G] = Graphics included [T] = Text Only) near each link.

Information The Backlinks Analyzer gives
  • Number of Links to Domain
  • Number of Links to Homepage
  • Pages Indexed (shows the number of pages in Yahoo for search )
  • Deep Link Percentage (Links to Homepage compared to Links to domain)
  • Finds all unique linking domains
  • Shows IP addresses & unique c block addresses of each of those linking domains
  • Domains from .mil, .gov, .edu, or (a link from one of these is rated better in certain ranking algorithms.)
  • The Backlinks Analyzer tool also bolds and autochecks domains that link from 5 or more pages. You can then requery the Yahoo! database and spider deeper than the 1,000 link limit.
  • The Backlinks Analyzer tool uses the Yahoo! API, provides CSV outputs.
  • Special thanks to Aaron Wall for making this great tool.

URL (ex.
Link Type:
Query Depth: