Google Pagerank and Backlink Update

Pagerank UpdateGoogle is updating the Pagerank and backlink values.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this means, check out the simple explanation here. If you Pagerank value has changed (you can check Pagerank on multiple datacenters), take note, because it’s the closest to the actual Pagerank value that you will see for the next 3 to 4 months. That’s right, Google only updates it’s public Pagerank values 3 or 4 times per year ( See the Google Pagerank Update Calendar to see a complete history of all the Google Pagerank updates since January 2005), and who knows, the new values may actually be from last month, but at any rate, it’s as current a value as you will see.

So if you are wondering exactly what pagerank is good for, well, not much by itself. Pagerank is one of over 100 factors that Google uses to rank sites in the Google Search results. A pagerank 6 doesn’t guarantee you a #1 position for the keyword of your choice. (sorry :() It is simply a value, calculated by Google, based on the link structure of your site. That means links from other sites to your site (external links) and links from within your site (internal links).

Feel free to comment with your updates.


  1. Hi Friends,

    Well, Google is updating, yet while I was expecting our site to pass from PR 4 to 5 because we improved the content, and also increased our content-related one-way incoming links (and also our SERPs had improved consistently in the last weeks!), it seems now that the site has dropped to PR0 (zero!). In the various data centers, some will report PR4 or PR5, but most of them show PR0!

    Is it because the system of Google data centers is generally updating, or because our site really dropped to ZERO?

    Please help!
    Thanks – Mauro from Rome Italy

  2. Hey Mauro,
    I wouldn’t worry too much about the pagerank. (even got a PR 0 this update. It’s probably temporary.

    You’ve got a good amount of links pointing at the site, which is always good.

    You may want to cut down on the repetitive anchor titles though. I counted 10 in a row on the front page that said the same thing: (“title=”ROME APARTMENTS”). You should make these more descriptive. Maybe something like title=”Rome Apartments near the Vatican”)

    You have a very nice looking site, but the content seems to be written almost solely for the search engines. It looks like you have more links on the page than regular text, and there are just tons of keywords instead of natural language. You need to have your keyword phrases there, but try to find a balance. First and foremost, make the content for real people, and find a way to add your keywords.

    Also, check for obvious errors on the page. I saw this:

    a href=”rome_souvenir/europe_links.htm”rome apartments””
    Should be:
    a href=”rome_souvenir/europe_links.htm” title=”rome apartments”

  3. Badi,

    Thank you so much for your comment, it was *most* useful. I already modified the homepage ( to reflect your suggestions, and I will further improve it following them.

    The funny thing is that in the last days the site improved consistently the SERPs of very important keywords. So I was also expecting a PR improvement from 4 to 5 (which mind you, I held last year for a long time). Since I had acquired in the last quarter many one-way links, and I also published new pages, with new photos, and I also updated and improved whatever I could, I was expecting after so much hard work to go back to PR 5.
    Yet – life is full of surprises – the site as mentioned improved consistently SERPs (it is now in first position in at least three important keywords, and in excellent position – within the first 5 in other important keywords – and mind you, in a most competitive business with 100s and 100s competitors).
    I practically have now at least 20% more visitors (and clients!) because of the SERPs increase – and all this in the last few days.
    On the other hand, PR dropped today from 4 to ZERO. Strange isn’t it?
    Should I celebrate because of the SERPs improvement (lots of new clients) or despair because I disappeared in terms of PR?
    The funny thing is that Google’s data centers are inconsistent: some show 0, but a few 4 or 5. This is strange too.
    Any ideas?
    If you come to Rome, I guarantee that you will have a drink on the house!

  4. “I practically have now at least 20% more visitors (and clients!) because of the SERPs increase”

    I feel certain that your pagerank will be restored to normal soon. This is a mistake on Google’s end. Also, remember that Pagerank is only 1 of over 100 ranking factors that Google uses, so don’t stress too much over it. You are getting good rankings in the SERPS, and that means that you are definitely doing something right.

    As for making changes on your site (other than the mistake), don’t do anything drastic. Especially if you are doing well in the SERPs now. Only minor changes. My only complaint was that some things could be a tad more user friendly.

    The specific example was:
    When I hover the mouse pointer over each of the 10 links on the right under the “ROME CENTRE QUARTERS” heading, they all say “ROME APARTMENTS”. Since they are all different pages, it would make sense if they were all different titles.

    Great looking site. You should make more. :)

  5. Badi you are truly a buddy!

    Thanks again for your kind advice.

    The improvement of SERPs of our site is really noteworthy, and also the traffic increase, and ultimately of enquiring clients. Despite the efforts I just cannot make it to reply to all of them (although I reply to them day/night), and we improved dramatically sales!
    Notwithstanding this, PR is at a freezing Zero.
    It is somewhat reassuring to realize that the same thing happened to a competitor of ours, who too is improving his SERPs.

    The only “negative” possible explanation I can think of is that I have a few “doorway” sites, some of them with mirror information (however they are well done, the most similar is:
    Another possibility is that I made a .xml sitemap (please find the link to it in the homepage), and perhaps it is too complicated (yet Google indexed it).

    In any event, you say that it is Google’s mistake, and that it is “temporary”. Now I know this is a 1 million $ question, yet did you mean until the next Google’s update (which makes me nearly collapse only when I think about it) or perhaps you mean the next Googlebot visit, in a few days, or so?

    Thanks again, I will refer your site to all friends and webmasters.

    Your friend in Rome, Mauro

  6. I seem to see a jump on one of my newer sites from no PR to PR5 on half of the datacenters and PR3 from the other half. Hopefully the lower PR is just datacenters that aren’t done ranking me yet.

    Interesting enough my only shows 17 links to the front page.

  7. @Mauro
    Yeah. This has happened before. Do you know the site It is ranked in the top 100 sites on the web, and should be at least a PR 10, and the exact same thing has happened to them. Also lots of other sites too. I feel fairly certain that things will continue to change, and your PR should settle in to the correct value within the next few days or so.

    I’m seeing 2 values for too. A PR4 and PR5. I guess I’d prefer the higher number too :)

    As for backlinks, I don’t think there is any value in the count from Google. Always use to check your backlinks. It is the most accurate count.

  8. @Max
    Again, I wouldn’t worry too much. The only time you really need to worry is if you don’t get any results for the search: in google, if your ranking in Google suddenly dissapears.

    No results for that query would mean that your site has been dropped from the index.

    Your site has plenty of links, and it is unlikely that this PR0 means anything bad.

  9. Hello Sir,

    I am AbdulBasit Makrani, webmaster of
    I have made this website past 3 months back and it is indexed in Google and have got plently of link popularity and few backlinks and my Alexa Rank is under 30,000! which is probably counted good traffic.

    I was looking the Google PR Prediction tool for the past few days and it was showing and still it shows that i will get PR4 for my

    But after google have updated its PR, still i see PR0 for it. Will google take time to update its data centeres or will it remain PR0 for this time? Can you please help me?

    Thanks for your great responses i saw for other users.


    AbdulBasit Makrani

  10. I have a site that has 2k plus backlink but suddenly decreases due to google update by more than a half but still the pr increases from pr4 to pr5. Im still happy with the update :)

  11. Badi you must be a prophet!

    The PR returned to 4, not 5 which I hoped, but after all my SERPS increased dramatically, the traffic to the site (+1,400 daily) and clients (50 enquiries daily) make me work all the time!
    Practically I believe that it was the consequence of the good work I did with basic optimization (tags, text in the pages). Plus I published new pages, new photos, and the site had several new backlinks. That’s all. The consequence was most successfull. The PR remained 4, as it was, yet everything else is just terrific!
    Thanks again so very much for all your help, and congrats for your fab site.

  12. @AbdulBasit
    Looks like you need to work on getting some more links. Your pagerank is staying at PR0. How do you get your traffic?

    Thanks for the compliment, but you are the one with the great rankings, so congratulations to you! Keep focusing on good content and a great looking site, and the links will come naturally.

  13. Thanks a lot Mr.B Jones

    I am doing lots of advertising on internet and in just 3 months my Alexa rank have come down under 30,000!

    Is there any chance my PR will increase in this update? Will these google datacenteres change frequently this week or i should think that in this update my PR will be 0 :( or any chance?

    Thanks for your warm reply,


  14. When will we know the PR update is finished? I saw all the data centers drop from PR2 to PR0 for my site and hasn’t changed yet.

    My back links have increased since last update, and are showing, except my PR hasn’t returned. Has Google finished the update yet?

  15. Jeremy M: I’m not sure when it will be over. I’m still seeing 2 different values for 2 of my sites. This one, and

    There’s a great post at explaining a lot about the current state of things with Google, including this recent pagerank update/ export.

  16. Yes, I often read his blog, my interpretation was that it would be sorted within one day. I guess we still have to wait. I have internal product pages with a PR3 but the home page and pages one click off the home page are a PR0. Reading through some forums it seems a lot of people are in this same situation. Cheers.

  17. What take this google pr update time so long :p
    I expected its update like a week ago
    Usually, about 3 months it update one. It’s now almost 3 and half months
    I want to see the result for my hard works in the last 3 months
    My site PR2 hope for PR4 this time

  18. how can one be sp sure of the pagerank? its not guarantee at all?

    how can one knw the date of exact google page rank update and other things?


  19. I am having the same issue as Mauro Abate up there. Our site was predicted to be a PR5 but now only 6 datacenters show us as a PR4 and the rest as PR0.

    The number of datacenters showing us as PR4 changes from day to day but never goes over 10 so we stay at a PR0. When will this return to normal?

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