Domain Age, Google Trust and iPods

I’ve been trying to prepare for the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York next week, and I decided that I should really try to take some notes for future reading and whatnot, but since I’m not really so good at taking notes, I figured I better get an audio recorder just in case. The first thing that popped into my head was the iPod. I had just read something in mac world about a new 4 channel mixer for iPod that records cd quality, so I assumed there must be lots of options for recording audio on the iPod.

As usual, I turned to Google to do some research on the subject. Keep in mind, I’m trying to find the latest and most current products for recording audio on an iPod. My search was [recording with ipod].

recording with Ipod - Google Search

So why are all the top results so old? I wanna know about new iPods, and new iPod recording gear, not articles from 2004 about how “iPod Now Records Audio!”.

This clearly shows that Google currently relies way too much on age in their ranking algorithm. They give age precedence over actual keyword relevance. Some call this the sandbox effect, but in this case, looking at it from a users point of view, I call it useless search results.

Unacceptable (*in the voice of the coneheads). I ended up having to add “2007” (among other confounded kw and operator combinations) to my query to get an decent results. After a bit of a struggle, I found several good reviews and articles that were actually current.

Google is breaking the #1 rule of web usability. And that is…Don’t Make Me Think!

Maybe my expectations are just too high, but it would seem like with all the money and smart engineers at Google could come up with a better way to keep search results relevant.